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Bottega Louie Part II

  • Meatball Parmesan ($12) - three meatball sliders, tomato sauce & provolone: one of my friends ordered this, and enthusiastically presented in the photo. I didn’t get to taste it, but it looked good as well.
  • Mini-tarts ($2.50 each)- assorted berry: the desserts are always so tempting when you walk by the cases, so I decided to try a blueberry mini-tart. It was relatively bite-size, but I got a few good, sucré bites out of it. The crust was more like a cookie consistency rather than the usual flaky crust on other tarts. The filling inside was smooth and seemed to have some vanilla bean inside. The blueberries were also fresh, not mush nor super tart.
  • Tiramisu ($8): I got my desserts to go and surprisingly they traveled quite well. The tiramisu has a crust around it that keeps its shape and form and prevents it from getting all over the place. The surface is covered with the chocolate powder as well as a coffee flavor sugar gel glaze. It’s not overly rich or have too much of the liqueur taste to it. The powder on top isn’t overpowering because I’ve noticed from other tiramisus that the powder can make it awfully dry, but this one is rather moist. I also highly recommend getting their macarons - they come in different flavors too!

There’s still so much more to try….. until next time.

Side note: if you drive there, you might be lucky to find street parking, otherwise there are lots nearby (cheapest I saw was $6 flat rate)

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