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Not so plain tofu

So I’m not sure if other people find the same satisfaction in snacking on some cold tofu out of the package, but I find it refreshing and healthy for a snack. But you don’t have to eat it just plain, you can add some dressing to add some flavor. Even soy sauce can be a little boring, so I usually like to add either a ginger or sesame/miso dressing on top. Of course, the texture of the tofu you eat is also by preference, but I like mine to be a little bit more firm when I’m snacking on it rather than having it soft in soup or something.


Here are the two dressings I recommend:

Mitsukan Ginger flavored dressing


Angelo Pietro Sesame & Miso dressing

(this goes well with sliced Persian Cucumbers as well)


Both of these dressings can usually be found at an Asian supermarket (Nijiya, Marukai, 99 Ranch), and if you’re lucky you might be able to find it in a regular supermarket.

— 4 years ago
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