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Elodie Frégé - La fille de l’après -midi (acoustique) @ Taratata

— 4 years ago
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The French Crêpe Company

Farmers Market/The Grove - 3rd & Fairfax

6333 W. 3rd St.

Los Angeles, CA 90036

Of the many food choices they have at the Farmers Market, I always return to the French Crêpe Company. This time I only got a savory crêpe, but their sweet crêpes are good as well (I recommend the banana and pear crêpe with nutella)

  • Beef stroganoff crêpe (~$10): this was one of the chef’s specialties the day I went, so I thought I would try it. I’ve had their other traditional savory crêpes that can also be found in France, but this one sounded good. I don’t have a picture of the inside of the crêpe, but it was pretty good. The savory crêpe is prepared in a squarish shape compared to other places that make a wedge or pizza-slice shape. Thus, when you cut open the crêpe, the contents sort of spill out. The beef stroganoff filling wasn’t too salty or chewy, the meat was tender and in finer pieces that make eating a crêpe enjoyable. It had a nice sauce with mushrooms that was too thick or too dilute. The crêpe was also paired with a nice light salad that had the typical French mustard vinaigrette dressing - the mustard flavor wasn’t too sour. Definitely big enough to share between two people, unless you’re super hungry. (Split a savory and a sweet crêpe with your date ^_-)
  • French onion soup ($6.50): I always get this soup when I go. The size may look initially small, but it is quite filling. I love that it’s prepared in the true French way of putting the cheese on top of the bowl. It’s fun to puncture the cheese layer to discover the yummy soup underneath. A great French onion soup is one where the cheese isn’t too chewy or thick that it’s hard to separate and eat. Even with just a spoon, I was able to take small bits without choking on large cheese pieces. There’s also a lovely surprise in the soup with a bread layer underneath the cheese. One thing I would wish for as a slight improvement is more onion chunks in the actual soup, but it still had a good flavor that wasn’t overly salty.
— 4 years ago
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I heard this song at Club Monaco today. It’s “Ma vie n’est pas la tienne” by Najoua Belyzel….. la musique française…. tu me manques!

— 4 years ago
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