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The Boiling Crab (Brookhurst)

13892 Brookhurst St.

Garden Grove, CA 92843

I’ve been hearing about all the hype and rave reviews about this Vietnamese-owned place from people, so I thought I would try it out for myself with my friends. Even though we were closer to the Alhambra and Rowland Heights locations, we heard that the Garden Grove location tasted better. Note that there are two locations in Garden Grove, and the one on Brookhurst is the larger establishment of the two. Before you go, ask if the main cook is there.

  • fried calamari ($8.99): These were your typical fried calamari rings, with the absence of my favorite part, the tentacles. The breading was decent and not too crunchy, but there was only some cocktail sauce on the side for dipping - nothing too fancy or interesting. You can’t go wrong with this item, but you might want to save that room in your stomach for something else.
  • sweet potato fries ($3.99): Although sweet potato fries aren’t as common to find at a lot of restaurants, these didn’t taste like anything spectacular. They were cooked well with a nice crisp and not too hard. But the fries weren’t seasoned with very much and required the salt and pepper and lemon to dip in.
  • shrimp - whole sha-bang nonspicy ($8.99/lb): Even though the it’s called “The Boiling Crab,” we didn’t order any crab. Other friends recommended to get the shrimp because the crab was too much work and not that much meat. The shrimp was cooked nicely served with the shell still intact. There’s a lot of meat to these shrimp pieces, the only downside is that if you take of the shell it loses a lot of the seasoning and flavor. The items purchased by the pound are served in large plastic bags.
  • crawfish - whole sha-bang non spicy (market price): These were tastier than the shrimp because the seasoning was able to diffuse more into the crawfish. You have to work a bit more to get the meat out of this one and there is less meat inside. Therefore, we ordered 2 pounds of this item.This bag included a corn on the cob, which has also been recommended by others.
  • clams - whole sha-bang non spicy ($9.99/lb):  We ordered whole sha-bang non spicy seasoning for all three main items, but this was the seasoning recommended and it tasted really good, especially for the clams. The clams were able to absorb the flavor the most. I liked the clams the best between these three that we had. A lot of the pieces, the clam meat was already detached from the shell, but that didn’t change anything, only that you had to dig around for it. If you’re hungry, a pound of clams may not seem like a lot.

Note: The hours that they open are not standard hours, and if you don’t get there when they open, expect to wait. There was even a line waiting outside before we got there, and we arrived before it opened. Also, it’s recommended if you eat in a group or family style that a good estimate for how much to order is about 1 pound per person. Joe’s Crab Shack compares nothing to The Boiling Crab. Overall, I was thoroughly satisfied and enjoyed my meal.

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10189 Westminster Ave.

Garden Grove, CA 92843

This place sort of reminds me of a Jamba Juice for teas and asian drinks.

  • Peach-Me-Sweet-Tea (~$4.25):  Peach white tea with peach and strawberry bits. This drink was really refreshing… the tea is on the sweeter side compared to other teas, but it doesn’t have that overly sweet taste like those artificially flavored iced teas. I’m glad that it had the fresh fruit bits that added some texture which is always fun to slurp up through a boba straw. I wish the amount of bits included was more though. I didn’t add boba to this drink, and it didn’t seem necessary, but boba is always an added bonus.

I’ve also tried the Bootea Shaker, which is another recommendation.

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